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Simple, clever, perfect
Circulaire is an easy solution for dust accumulation in industrial plants.

  • Commercial laundries and textile service
  • Spinning and weaving plants with exposed ceiling construction
  • Nonwoven and technical textiles
  • Paper converting
  • Warehouses, especially with crane runway

  • Eliminates manual overhead cleaning, especially where access is difficult
  • No accumulation and dropping of dust deposits in the production area
  • Saves costs and improves working conditions
  • Reduces fire hazard (lower insurance premium)
  • Easy and quick assembling

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Facts & Function

Circulaire keeps the ceiling permanently clean
Cyclically blowing keeps ceiling and machine structures dust-free. Due to the oscillatory rotational motion of the Circulaire with a horizontal rotation of 360° and an 80° vertical oscillation, a cleaning area with a radius up to 15 m will be achieved. Depending on the dustiness the Circulaire can operate continuously or only by the hour.
Drive motor kW 0.75
Voltage V 230, 400, 460 50 / 60 Hz
Work area horizontal ° 360
Work area vertical ° 80 – 120
Cleaning area (radius) m 10 – 15
Unit weight kg 50
Dimensions mm 640 x 580 x 915

Cleaning Area




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